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Dear God: The Ninth Anniversary Prayer

Dear God,

You created me as a straight-talking free thinker, and it is in this manner that I pray.

As mankind marks another solemn anniversary of that dark day, I find myself an observer to troubling circumstances which I fear will continue the current dangerous path Your creation has chosen.

I pray that those who are fortunate enough to live in the free nations of the world, yet have allowed themselves to be swayed into the belief of appeasement and the blinds of denial, come to understand the truth. The enemy has long maintained that the United States would be destroyed ‘from the inside’, not necessarily through violence but through naivety and gullibility.

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Today we see millions of Americans who have purposely blinded themselves to the reality of the current danger to our way of life. Political correctness, leaders who choose to promote trendy concepts and flavor-of-the-month public opinions, the naïve culture of unquestioned acceptance, the loss of morality – all have resulted in a complacent and endangered Free World.

Lord, I pray that next year there are more documentaries about the truth of radical Islam and the events of 9/11, and fewer ‘documentaries’ which create mind-poisoning conspiracy theories and untruths for entertainment. It is the ultimate insult to the survivors and to the families of the victims of that day.

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