D.C. Residents Blame Pres. Bush's Policies for Govt. Shutdown (Video)


MRCTV’s Dan Joseph recently asked some Washington, D.C. residents if President Bush or President Obama is responsible for the shutdown of the federal government.

For reasons unknown, the conservative activist didn’t mention the Republican Congressmen who have promised to shut down the federal government since 2010.  Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) recently blamed his own party for the shutdown.

Many of the people interviewed did blame Bush’s policies which ran up the federal debt and allowed the economic collapse of 2008 (video below).

“I would certainly think that Bush put us in this position,” replied one woman.

Another lady who said, “What he got to do with it?” was met with approval by Joseph.

“I think Obama inherited a lot of the fallout and responsibility from the Bush administration,” said another woman.

“My opinion is he is trying to fix the mess that Bush created,” added a resident.

However, Joseph seemed to be highly skeptical that any former president’s policies could possibly have any present-day effect.

Sources: CampusReform.orgCNSNews.com


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