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Ivanka Trump Seen Following Controversial Instagram Post (Photos)

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Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, was spotted for the first time since an Instagram post that garnered criticism for being "tone deaf" and inappropriate.

At the same time that protesters were beginning to gather nationwide in response to her father’s controversial travel ban, Ivanka shared a photo on Instagram of herself alongside husband Jared Kushner before the couple left for the annual dinner at the Alfalfa Club. In the picture, Ivanka was seen wearing a $4,900 silver gown while her husband wore a tuxedo.

The photo sparked backlash across social media, with many criticizing the timing of the post.

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“Oh, good, the world is burning and families are being torn apart, but you're decked out in tin foil. Cool. #MuslimBan,” one critic tweeted.

“More unashamed displays of obscene wealth representing a complete detachment from reality #sad,” another said.

Another user shared a picture of a little girl refugee wearing a silver emergency blanket after crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece alongside the caption, “She wore it better.”

“Your father is responsible for two senior citizens with green cards being illegally detained at O'Hare for 10 hours. Have fun!” another user added. 

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Following the backlash, Ivanka was seen leaving her D.C. home in the back of a Secret Service SUV, texting on her phone while wearing a long white jacket. She moved to D.C. in early January prior to her father’s inauguration. Her husband is serving as an unpaid senior adviser to Donald, and Ivanka herself is also playing a role in the administration.

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A source told Us Weekly that Ivanka “feels terrible about the post, and does not want something like this to happen again.”

Another source said that her post showed her “naivete in not understanding her surroundings or circumstances,” but that she could “ adjust her behavior accordingly, and she's open to that.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Us Weekly / Photo credit: Instagram via Daily Mail, Daily Mail

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