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David Brooks Accuses Obama Of Having A "Manhood Problem" In Middle East

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New York Times op-ed columnist and political writer David Brooks appeared on Sunday’s edition of "Meet the Press." From his spot at the journalists’ round table alongside NBC’s Chuck Todd and host David Gregory, Brooks attributed a “manhood problem” to President Barack Obama’s foreign policy approach in the Middle East.

The quip came in response to Sen. Bob Corker’s, R-Tenn., declaration that Putin’s recent actions in Russia and Ukraine have demonstrated Obama’s “era of permissiveness.” 

Brooks stated the following: “Obama, whether deservedly or not, does have a, I’ll say it crudely, but a ‘manhood problem’ in the Middle East.” 

To Brooks' credit, he followed this statement by distancing himself from the opinion, claiming, “I think a lot of the rap is unfair, but certainly in the Middle East there is an assumption that [Obama]’s not tough enough.” 

Todd agreed with Brooks, stating that Obama’s rhetoric hasn’t been tough enough and he hasn’t asserted himself as “alpha-dog.” 

Brooks is known for his conservative political views, although he has written in support of Obama, primarily during the then-senator’s push for presidential election. 

The clip from Sunday’s "Meet the Press" can be viewed below (via ThinkProgress and the Huffington Post). 


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