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Protesters Outside Ivanka's Home Miss One Huge Thing (Photo)


Hundreds of protesters surrounded Ivanka Trump's home in Washington, D.C., only to learn that she wasn't even home at the time.

The large group of LGBTQ protesters organized a dance protest in Trump's neighborhood, speaking out against her rollbacks on climate change action done by her father, President Donald Trump. The protests angered her neighbors, including an elderly man who was caught on camera punching a protester. 

"Get out of here!" the man said. "I live you want to get your f***ing face hit?"

Ivanka was reportedly in New York City at the time of the protest -- unbeknownst to demonstrators.

The event was organized on Facebook and was done as a means of protesting the president's actions on LGBTQ rights, climate change and other issues.

"The entire Trump Administration has shown a blatant disregard for our planet and it’s inhabitants, like paving the way for the Dakota Access Pipeline displacing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe," the event page read.

"The reality is that the people most affected by the administration’s bad climate decisions are our most vulnerable friends: our poor, working class, native, trans & POC siblings. We must put our bodies on the line for our earth and for all who depend on its resources. Also, in case you hadn't heard, Trump revoked protections for LGBTQ government employees and removed LGBTQ questions from the census--all the more reason to turn out and show that YOU COUNT."

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Some readers were not supportive of the protests, with many criticizing the demonstrators for their actions.

"Acting like fools, yelling obscenities when you know children are present, standing on cars....really mature "protest". You really showed the world, especially Ivanka and her neighbors how classy and deserving you are. I cannot believe people think acting like a lunatic in neighborhoods, streets, highways, etc really think what they're doing is making a positive impact for their beliefs! Good grief, act like a civilized adult and do something good... don't disturb everyone else, it's just making a bad name for your cause! Sick of this!!!" one Daily Mail reader commented.

"Such pathetic and demeaning behavior which will reflect on a group that has fought hard for dignity and respect," another added. 

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, have garnered some criticism recently due to conflicts of interests found in Kushner's financial disclosure report -- particularly figures that showed that the couple still benefits financially from their $740 million real estate empire, despite both holding positions at the White House.

"Donald Trump can evade legal responsibility even if the conflicts of interest remain," Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics executive director Noah Bookbinder told The New York Times. "His daughter and son-in-law don't have that escape hatch."

Sources: Daily Mail, The New York Times / Photo credit: Mary F. Calvert/Daily Mail 

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