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Dan Rather: Russia Story Could Be Next Watergate

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Famed journalist Dan Rather said the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump and his connections to Russia has potential to become a bigger political scandal than Watergate.

"This Russia scandal is currently somewhere around a 5 or 6, in my opinion, but it is cascading in intensity seemingly by the hour," Rather wrote on his public Facebook page. "And we may look back and see, in the end, that it is at least as big as Watergate. It may become the measure by which all future scandals are judged. It has all the necessary ingredients, and that is chilling."

After the Democratic National Committee's server was hacked in July 2016 and thousands of its emails were published by WikiLeaks, Russian hackers were immediately suspected -- and Democrats publicly theorized that it was an effort to undermine Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Trump's numerous political aides and advisers with business connections in Russia have only fueled speculation over his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Each piece of news demands new questions," Rather wrote.

And referring to the Watergate scandal and the eventual resignation of former President Richard Nixon, Rather continued: "We are still less than a month into the Trump Presidency, and many are asking that question made famous by Tennessee Senator Howard Baker those many years ago: 'What did the President know, and when did he know it?'"

And, after the latest stories concerning Trump's alleged Russian connections, as major news sources, such as CNN, have reported that several members of his campaign were in constant contact with Russian officials and private citizens, Rather called for an "independent investigation."

"Damn the lies, full throttle forward on the truth," Rather wrote."If a scriptwriter had approached Hollywood with what we are witnessing, he or she would probably have been told it was way too far-fetched for even a summer blockbuster. But this is not fiction. It is real and it is serious. Deadly serious. We deserve answers and those who are complicit in this scandal need to feel the full force of justice."

Sources: Dan Rather/Facebook, CNN / Photo credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr

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