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The Dallas Mayor's Views On ISIS, Syrian Refugees May Surprise You (Video)

Democratic Mayor Mike Rawlings of Dallas recently said that he is more fearful of armed, young, white men who shoot places up than of Syrian refugees (video below).

During an interview with MSNBC on Nov. 21, Rawlings was asked about 30 governors, including Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, who oppose Syrian refugees resettling in their states because the refugees might be members of ISIS.

"ISIS is no more Islamic than the Nazi senior staff was Christian," Rawlings said. "And so we've got to differentiate between those, fight the fight that we need to do. And it also matters for us as individuals, as citizens of the United States, how we're changing because of this issue.

"And I think we need to think very careful, as Christ-following folks like myself, how would we deal with this issue with strangers, and are we going to let them in?”

Rawlings added that ISIS is trying to paint Western countries as bigoted against Muslims, which was a "trap" for Americans to fall into. When asked about ISIS members somehow slipping into the U.S. with Syrian refugees, Rawlings said that there is a 21-step screening process for refugees that spanned 18-24 months.

“I am more fearful of large gatherings of young white men that come into schools, theaters and shoot people up, but we don’t isolate young white men on this issue,” Rawlings said. According to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in February.

"A large number of independent studies have agreed that since the 9/11 mass murder, more people have been killed in America by non-Islamic domestic terrorists than jihadists," a February report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) states.

The New America Foundation's International Security Program has found that since 9/11, there have been 26 people killed in jihadist attacks in the U.S., compared to 48 people killed by right wing extremists.

Sources: MSNBC via YouTube, Southern Poverty Law Center, New America Foundation / Photo Credit: MSNBC Screenshot

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