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'The Daily Show' Says Texas GOP Wanted to 'Abort' State Sen. Wendy Davis' Filibuster (Video)

"The Daily Show" substitute host John Oliver mocked Texas Republicans tonight for their recent efforts to "abort" a filibuster by State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) against an anti-abortion bill, SB 5, before the legislature’s special session ended.

Oliver said SB 5 would close almost all abortion clinics in Texas except for five (video below).

“Is five abortion clinics in 269,000 square miles really so bad?” Oliver joked. “Think about it. Texas will still have three more abortion clinics than it has Six Flags amusement parks. So if Sen. Davis can talk 13 hours, Texas women won’t have to drive 13 hours to get an abortion. OK. How hard can that be?”

According to, Oliver said Texas Republicans were “determined to abort [Davis'] filibuster before it reached the full 13-hour term.”

Oliver then mocked  GOP for “one of the shadiest moves of all time” by passing the SB 5 after midnight but trying to pretend they didn’t until they were busted by a computer record.

“They simply believe that if late one night when you’re swept away by your emotions, you make a stupid mistake, you should always have a chance to fix it later and not have to live with the consequences," Oliver said.



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