Daily Kos: Fox News Lies about Obama & Oil Subsidies


The left-leaning political Web site Daily Kos is pointing out what it politely calls "disinformation" about Fox News' reporting on President Obama and oil subsidies.

In a story on its site titled "It's All Your Money: Paying for Energy Subsidies," Fox reports the following:

Here's a look at some subsidies in President Obama's 2012 Fiscal Year budget:

• $126 million for wind
• $340 million for bio fuels
• $457 million for solar
• $452 million clean coal
• $800 million for nuclear

Oil and gas get even more of your money through tax incentives, deductions, depreciation and investment credits. Those total about $3.6 billion a year, according to the Administration.

However, the Daily Kos says none of this is true. It writes:

The only problem? Obama's budget doesn't actually propose any such thing. Okay, here are the facts:

-- Last month, President Obama has proposed ending big oil subsidies.
-- This week, Congressional Democrats voted to end big oil subsidies.
-- And this week, House Republicans unanimously voted to protect big oil subsidies

The Daily Kos ends its report with one more jab at Fox News:

You'd think those would be relevant facts for a real news organization, certainly details that are worth pointing out. But Fox is a propaganda outlet, so disinformation reigns.


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