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Cruz's VP Pick Carly Fiorina Breaks Into Song (Video)

Fresh off his loss of five states in the GOP primary April 26, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas announced his vice presidential running mate, Carly Fiorina, who broke into song during an Indiana rally April 27 (video below).

According to USA TODAY, Fiorina sang a nursery rhyme to Cruz's young daughters: "I know two girls that I just adore / I'm so happy I can see them more / 'Cause we travel on the bus all day / We get to play, we get to play." notes that several Twitter users mocked Fiorina's singing:

"This can only end with Carly and Cruz singing a 'Lemonade' duet."

"Loser #Cruz chooses loser #Fiorina for VP of his loser campaign. Makes total sense to me."

"Carly Fiorina starts singing.. and every plant in my house just died. C'MON! #CruzFiorina This is on Ted Cruz. He owes me some house plants."

"After Cruz' introduction of Fiorina & her singing about/to his kids...I'm confused. Is she running for VP or the Cruz family Nanny? #odd."

Following her acceptance speech, Fiorina told MSNBC how she was wrong about Cruz when she previously said that he was another politician willing to say anything to get elected, notes

Yeah, and that’s why I voted for him in the voting booth before I ever had a conversation wth him about endorsing him. I went into the voting booth in my hometown in Virginia and I voted for Ted Cruz. Why?

Because I think we need a conservative in the White House who understands that it is the system of crony capitalism and insider dealing that is [inaudible] away the prosperity, opportunity and potential of this nation.

Fiorina also took a shot at the GOP presidential front-runner.

"I think Donald Trump clearly has a problem with women, clearly," Fiorina stated.

She also asserted that Democratic president candidate Hillary Clinton has told people to vote for her because she's a woman, which does not appear to be true.

Sources:, USA TODAY, / Photo credit: FOX 10 Phoenix/YouTube

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