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Cruz Won't Say If Trump Is Still A 'Pathological Liar' (Video)

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas refused to say on Nov. 27 if he still thinks President-elect Donald Trump is a "pathological liar," which Cruz called him during the GOP primary (video below).

In May, Cruz said of Trump: "This man is a pathological liar. He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. The man is utterly amoral. Morality does not exist for him."

ABC News host Martha Raddatz asked Cruz in late November if he regretted the statement. He chuckled and replied:

Well, listen it was a hard-fought campaign. It was hard-fought on all sides. And it was vigorous till the end. But at the end of the day, the people have spoken. He won the election, he won the nomination, and he won the general election in a convincing manner. And my focus is on the country. My focus is we have a new president. We have a mandate. We ought to deliver on that mandate.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's lead in the popular vote over Trump has grown to 2.2 million, per the Cook Political Report, which has been tracking the popular vote, reported on Nov. 28.

Cruz told Raddatz Americans have seen their wages stagnate over the past eight years, saying: "We need an administration that fights every day for the working men and women of this country."

In April, after Democratic presidential candidates Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont called for raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour -- a move also supported by President Barack Obama -- Cruz quickly came out against the increased pay with debunked talking points, noted ThinkProgress.

"Every time we raise the minimum wage, predictably what happens is a significant number of people lose their jobs, and they’re almost always low-income, they’re often teenagers, African-Americans and Hispanics," Cruz said.

Studies from 2009 and 2013 have shown little or no impact on employment by raising the minimum wage, reported ThinkProgress.

Raddatz asked Cruz: "I just go back to those words, 'He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth.' Do you still think Donald Trump is a liar?"

"I'm not going to re-litigate the past," Cruz replied. "I’m going to focus on the future. I’m going to focus on what’s in front of us and on fixing the problems we have."

Cruz suddenly suggested that President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Clinton were possibly going to the funeral of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, whom Obama, according to Cruz, celebrated, although the claims are unfounded:

I hope we don’t see Barack Obama and Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and Democrats lining up to lionize a murderous tyrant and thug.

If you wouldn’t go to Pol Pot’s funeral or Stalin’s funeral or Mao’s funeral because they were murdering communist dictators then you shouldn’t be doing what Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau are doing, which is celebrating Fidel Castro, a murderous communist dictator.

Sources: ABC News via YouTubeThinkProgress, / Photo credit: ABC News via YouTube

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