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Ted Cruz, Donald Trump To Host Anti-Iran Deal Rally In September

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Republican presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas will come together at a rally in September at the U.S. Capitol to “call on members of Congress to defeat the catastrophic” Iran deal, the Cruz campaign confirmed on Aug. 27.

Trump was the first to leak details of the rally during a speech in South Carolina just hours earlier. During his speech, Trump said he was planning an event with Cruz to oppose the deal and predicted that it would draw a “tremendous crowd,” CNN reported.

“We are talking to Ted Cruz, who is a friend of mine and a good guy, about doing something very big over the next two weeks in Washington,” Trump said. “It’s essentially a protest against the totally incompetent deal that we’re making with Iran.”

It was Cruz who invited Trump to the rally “to call on members of Congress to defeat the catastrophic deal that the Obama Administration has struck with the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The invitation by Cruz and acceptance by Trump showcases a friendship that has been noticed throughout the first months of the campaign and primary season.

Cruz has been one of the few presidential candidates to not publicly criticize Trump for his comments about the Mexican government, Arizona Sen. John McCain or Fox News host Megyn Kelly. In fact, Cruz himself echoed Trump's sentiments when it comes to birthright citizenship, saying that the policy -- which recognizes children of illegal immigrants as citizens if they are born in the U.S. -- "doesn't make sense."

Cruz also visited Trump’s office in New York City last month to discuss the U.S.-Mexico border and to build a good relationship with the GOP presidential front-runner. The Washington Post noted that much of Trump’s constituency and support is from the same group of voters that would have supported Cruz had Trump not entered the race.

But the relationship between the two has not always been cordial. Earlier this year, Trump said that Cruz’s birth in Alberta, Canada, was a “stumbling block” for his presidential campaign.

Catherine Frazier, a spokeswoman for Cruz, confirmed that the rally will be sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy and the Zionist Organization of America. The rally will be held on Sept. 9, around the same time that members of Congress will be debating the merits of the deal.

Sources: The Washington Post, CNN

Photo credit: WikiCommons/Albert Herring, WikiCommons/Gage Skidmore


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