Woman Drives Strange 'Liberty Van' To Support Sen. Ted Cruz, Smokers' Rights (Video)


Linda Farley is driving her decorated "Liberty Van" around early primary states to support Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and the rights of smokers (video below).

“I am sick and tired by time we get a primary in Kentucky all the good ones are gone and I have to pick from the lesser of the evils,” Farley told InfoWars.com in Columbia, South Carolina. “And I decided, since I’m retired and I have this rolling billboard here, that I would try to help out the one that I think is not the lesser of evils.”

Farley's van also serves as a billboard to oppose the Affordable Care Act and illegal immigration, which she calls an "invasion."

According to Farley's website, her van has attracted the attention of law enforcement in several states:

"Yes, in NJ I am now a convicted granny with FLOWERS on my van, (December 3, 2013, an appeals court in NJ threw out this conviction : ) and in WV and PA I'm a 'dangerous' convicted granny with Christmas lights on my van. Oct. 1, 2013, appeals court in Carlisle, PA threw out my Christmas lights convicion. One is being appealed to the WV Supreme Court. In VA, on two back to back trips, I've been harassed with a parking ticket, and whatever they can come up with."

Sources: InfoWars.com, LibertyVan.com / Photo credit: The Alex Jones Channel/YouTube

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