Cruz, Sanders Score Much-Needed Wins In Wisconsin


Both Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont secured major victories in the Wisconsin primary on April 5, slightly closing their delegate gaps.

Cruz's victory set him on the path toward a win over GOP rival Donald Trump, which would increase chances of a contested Republican convention.

"Tonight is a turning point. It is a rallying cry," Cruz said in Milwaukee following his win, NPR reported. "It is a call from the hardworking men and women of Wisconsin to the people of America. We have a choice. A real choice."

Cruz will, in total, secure either 36 or 39 on Wisconsin's 42 delegates, beating Trump by 8 points more than polls previously predicted, according to Slate.

The Trump campaign released a statement following Cruz's victory that questioned the results in Wisconsin:

"Donald J. Trump withstood the onslaught of the establishment yet again. Lyin' Ted Cruz had the Governor of Wisconsin, many conservative talk radio show hosts, and the entire party apparatus behind him.

"Not only was he propelled by the anti-Trump super PAC's spending countless millions of dollars on false advertising against Mr. Trump, but he was coordinating with his own Super PAC's (which is illegal) who totally control him. Ted Cruz is worse than a puppet -- he is a Torjan [sic] horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump.

"We have total confidence that Mr. Trump will go on to win in New York, where he holds a substantial lead in all the polls, and beyond. Mr. Trump is the only candidate who can secure the delegates needed to win the Republican nomination and ultimately defeat Hillary Clinton, or whomever is the Democratic nominee, in order to Make America Great Again."

Sanders' victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton was the latest in a series of consecutive wins in Western states including Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska and Washington.

"With our victory tonight in Wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses and primaries ... and we have won almost all of them with overwhelming, landslide numbers," Sanders said during a speech in Wyoming. Sanders is set to win at least 47 pledged delegates after his 13-point victory in the state.

Sources: NPR, Slate / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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