Cruz Pictures Clinton In Jail Cell, Crowd Cheers (Video)


Fresh off his third-place finish in the New York primary April 19, Republican president candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was in Hershey, Pennsylvania, April 20 where he mocked Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton (video below).

After making some obligatory chocolate jokes about Hershey, Cruz praised Carly Fiorina, the former GOP candidate who endorsed him March 9, notes

And how about Carly? Isn’t she fantastic? What an incredible, powerful, principled leader and let me tell you something: Carly terrifies Hillary Clinton. I can just picture Hillary thinking about Carly, tossing and turning, and tossing and turning ... in her jail cell.

The crowd cheered wildly, seemingly unaware that Cruz has been mathematically eliminated from the GOP nomination before the party's convention in July.

The Associated Press reports that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's huge win in the Empire State means there aren't enough delegates left for Cruz or Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio to win in state primaries in order to reach the 1,237 delegates needed to capture the GOP nomination.

Instead, Cruz and Kasich will have to try to convince delegates who are pledged to other GOP candidates to switch over and support them at the Republican convention.

While it is mathematically possible for Trump to win 1,237 delegates before the convention, Cruz refused to concede it during an interview with NBC News April 20:

The nominee will be one of two people, it will either be me or Donald Trump. Nobody's getting 1,237 [delegates], Donald knows that. We're headed to a contested convention. And at a contested convention, the only way you become the Republican nominee is to earn the support of a majority of the delegates elected by the people.

The reason Donald is so terrified, and the reason why he's got so many of his media surrogates repeating the mantra that the "race has got to be over now" is because he knows he cannot earn a majority of the delegates in Cleveland because Donald has consistently been a fringe and marginal candidate.

Sources:, The Associated Press via Q13 Fox NewsNBC News / Photo credit: CNN via YouTube

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