Sen. Ted Cruz Gets Heckled In The Bronx (Video)


Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was greeted by hecklers during a campaign stop in the Bronx section of New York City on April 6 (video below).

Cruz enjoyed a big GOP primary win in Wisconsin on April 5, but that momentum didn't help much at the Sabrosura 2 Restaurant, notes Wired.

Outside the eatery, an unidentified woman shouted at Cruz, "This is an immigrant community! An immigrant community!"

Inside the restaurant, Rodrigo Venegas yelled at Cruz, "Why are you in the Bronx if you’re such an anti-immigrant?"

Cruz passed Venegas by, but the protester followed the candidate to a back room and continued:

"Ted Cruz has no business being in the Bronx. This is an immigrant community. We deal with climate change every single day, and he wants to say it doesn’t exist. We’re one of the poorest congressional districts in the country, and to receive this right wing bigot is an insult to the whole community."

Wired reports that the Bronx is 34 percent foreign-born, and Cruz supports deporting undocumented immigrants, police patrols of Muslim neighborhoods, ceasing birthright citizenship and halting some immigration programs.

Cruz also opposes President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan, which has strong support in the predominantly Latino and black area where air pollution significantly affects children with asthma.

“We saw Republicans come together and unite [in Wisconsin],” Cruz said inside. “And that’s really what this election is all about. It’s about unity.”

The New York Post reports that fewer than 100 people showed up for Cruz's event, which included Republican state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., who is also a conservative Christian minister. There were about 70 other ministers and a dozen voters in attendance.

Cruz, who has slammed "New York values" in the past, dropped the "New York" part and attacked "liberal Democratic values," notes the newspaper.

"Let’s be clear," Cruz stated. "The people of New York know what those values are, the values of liberal Democratic politicians like [Gov.] Andrew Cuomo [of New York], like [former Rep] Anthony Weiner, like [former Gov.] Eliot Spitzer, like [Rep.] Charlie Rangel, all of whom Donald Trump has supported, given tens of thousands of dollars to throughout the years."

"If you want to know what liberal Democratic values are, follow Donald Trump’s checkbook," Cruz added.

Cruz was reportedly asked a question in Spanish, but said that his spoken Spanish was not that good and replied in English.

Sources: Wired, New York Post / Photo credit: New York Daily News/YouTube

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