Report: DOJ Asked To Investigate Hillary Clinton's Email Account


According to reports, the Justice Department has been asked to open a criminal investigation into whether sensitive government information was mishandled in connection to Hillary Clinton’s personal email account used during her time as Secretary of State.

While the Justice Department confirmed that they received a criminal referral from both inspector generals, no decision has been made and the department declined to comment further. The request for the investigation came after a memo on June 29, in which the State Department’s inspector general detailed a review of 55,000 pages of Clinton’s emails that included “hundreds of potentially classified emails.”

Clinton came under fire in March for using her personal email account to conduct official government business instead of a State Department address, though the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate has so far denied handling classified information on her personal account. 

"Contrary to the initial story, which has already been significantly revised, she followed appropriate practices in dealing with classified materials,” Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said.

The initial story Merrill referred to was a New York Times article published on Thursday. The NY Times since revised its article on Friday, noting that the alleged classified materials under investigation were in connection with Clinton's email account, not necessarily by Clinton herself.

 “As has been reported on multiple occasions, any released emails deemed classified by the administration have been done so after the fact, and not at the time they were transmitted," Merrill added.

Sources: New York Times, CNN

Photo credit: U.S. Embassy Kabul Afghanistan/Flickr, Marc Nozell/Flickr


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