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Craig Becker, Chai Feldblum: 2 More Bad Obama Nominees

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While it is not unusual for a President to appoint nominees while Congress is in recess, bypassing the normal confirmation process, some of the nominees President Obama recess appointed are very unusual, and were opposed by Senators in both parties.

One such atypical nominee is Craig Becker, who now goes to the National Labor Relations Board. Mr. Becker is a long-time union lawyer who has threatened to use his new position to impose the union agenda, including card check, ignoring pesky things like laws and rules.

Only in the Obama Administration would Mr. Becker not be the most controversial appointment on the list. Lesbian activist Chai Feldblum was also recess appointed to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Like Mr. Becker, Ms Feldblum believes that if the law doesn't suit her agenda, she can simply disregard it.

Ms. Feldblum is one of the architects of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which seeks to give special protections to homosexuals and crossdressers, with no regard for the religious objections of those who see such practices as wrong. In fact, when questioned about instances when religious liberty and homosexual "rights" conflict, Ms. Feldblum brazenly stated she would have "a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win." There seems to be little doubt, even in Ms. Feldblum's mind, about how she will rule in cases involving religious liberty that come before her.


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