CPAC Cheers Sarah Palin's Dr. Seuss Parody: I Do Not Like This Uncle Sam (Video)


Sarah Palin’s parody of “Green Eggs and Ham” received raucous applause Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

Palin, one of CPAC’s biggest stars, gave a keynote speech in which she rewrote the Dr. Seuss story to skewer the Obama administration.

“I do not like this Uncle Sam,” Palin recited to cheers and applause. "I do not like his healthcare scam ... Oh, just you wait.”

I do not like these dirty crooks or how they lie and cook the books.

I do not like when Congress steals. I do not like their crony deals.

I do not like this spying man. I do not like ‘Oh, yes we can.’

I do not like this spending spree. We’re smart, we know there’s nothing free.

I do not like reporters’ smug replies, when I complain about their lies.

I do not like this kind of hope, and we won’t take it, nope, nope, nope.

“That hope and change, it went from a catchy campaign slogan to a reality," she said. "And along the way, ‘hope and change’ – 'yes we can’ – became ‘no, you can’t.’ No, you can’t log onto the website. No, you can’t keep your healthcare. No, you can’t make a phone call without Michelle Obama knowing this is the third time this week you’ve called Pizza Hut delivery."

Sources: MSN, Inquistr, Daily Caller


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