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Garth Brooks Says He May Perform At Trump Inauguration

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Country music legend Garth Brooks has affirmed that he might indeed sing at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration if asked to perform.  

TMZ reports that Brooks was questioned during a tree-lighting ceremony in Washington, D.C., where the "Friends in Low Places" singer was signing autographs for fans in attendance.  When asked if he would perform at Trump’s inauguration ceremony, Brooks responded, “Possibly.  I haven’t been asked.”  

When asked to elaborate further, Brooks clarified: “It’s always about serving.  It’s what you do.” 

Word of Brooks’ willingness to perform at the inauguration ceremony made it to Facebook, where the news garnered a mixed reaction.  

One user wrote: “Cause he's a class act. And respect the office, even if not the person. Unlike other immature celebrities.” 

Another added: “Garth Brooks is a classy very talented performer. He can sing for whoever he wants. It does not mean he supports the president elect. I'm so tired of hateful people.” 

Yet some on Facebook were appalled at Brooks’ response. 

One user commented: “No Garth! NOOOOOOOOOO! 'We Shall Be Free' would be meaningless if you choose to show up for this idiotic piece of hate mongering trash! PLEASE NOOOOOOOOO!”  

It remains to be seen if Brooks will be invited to perform at the ceremony. 

Sources: TMZ, TMZ/Facebook / Photo credit: D Magazine

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