Could We Ever Use an Ann Coulter in Canada


Canadian self-described intellectuals, ... university administrators, ... those poor, soft-headed, misguided politically-active yet politically-stupid folks called 'students', ...they may reject and hold in contempt the concept of 'free speech' in Canada, but I believe it must prevail.

I won't go much into the issue of the Ottawa university elbow-patched savant who issued the famous 'watch it' letter to Coulter before she even set foot across the border. Her labelling the letter as an example of discrimination against a recognized group - conservatives - is not only genius, but is dead-on. And I can't think of a Canadian rightwing pundit who would have the gonads to suggest such a thing.

Could we ever use an Ann Coulter up here.

I can't be too hard on those who succeeded in shutting down Ann Coulter's speaking engagement in Ottawa. Whereas I once held anger towards them for not bothering to do any kind of background check on their facts (ie. any of the alleged controversial statements attributed to Ms. Coulter...), I have know come to understand that it isn't a matter of laziness per se.

They are our university and college students, which by definition makes them illiterates who cannot think for themselves.

How horrible that in today's Canada, it is still acceptable to our universities (and ignored by our MSM) to have an anti-Zionist radical with terrorist affiliations spread his hateful message to our pablum-brained student body, but to dare to have a pro-life, rightwing pundit like Ann Coulter give a conservative point of view stirs riots and threats against Ms. Coulter herself.


I trust my hometown of Calgary will show a higher level of respectability and maturity tomorrow when Coulter brings her message to Alberta. There is certainly going to be protesters, and that is wonderful (note to those folks: that was a conservative encouraging your show of free speech and free expression, by the way. You can support others' right to speak without losing something. See? It didn't hurt....)

While I was going to throw down the gauntlet and do the usual by challenging any of the anti-Coulter leftists to give me examples of her 'hate-speech' WITH EVIDENCE, instead I think I will keep it more direct and perhaps easier.

Will anyone who actively participated in rallies against Ann Coulter - or anyone involved who honestly believes that she should not be allowed to speak in Canada - show one moment of complete honesty and admit that they believe in 'free speech' only when they agree with the content?

Does anyone on that side have the ability to be truthful and make that admission?

Thank God for Michael Coren and CTSTV for being a rare voice of reason in the pool of leftwing-flavored censorship against all things conservative that is this country's media.


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