Cop Won't Allow Black People Into Trump Event (Video)

A police officer refused to allow a group of African-American activists into a Donald Trump rally, but allowed a white protester into the same event in Boca Raton, Florida on March 13 (video below).

In the video, the officer tells the black people, who are part of the Black Lives Matter Alliance of Broward County, that if they want to protest, they are welcome to go to an area "on the other side of the street," but adds that they "can't be on this property," notes Fusion.

Rogers tells the officer, "We have tickets to the event."

"It does not matter ma'am," the cop replies.

"But you don't even know that we're here to protest," Rogers says.

"It does not matter, ma'am," the cop tells Rogers.

Bob Smith, a white man who filmed the video, asks the officer if it's because Rogers is black.

"The campaign has told us that they don't want them on the property," the cop tells Smith.

"I'm here to protest, and I have tickets," Smith tells the officer. "I'm going in."

The officer allows Smith entry.

Smith wrote on his YouTube page, "FACT: If you are young and not white you have a good chance of being turned away from a Trump rally."

“It was upsetting, to see we were singled out like that with no real basis to it. It was very, very upsetting,” Rogers told Fusion. “But immediately after that, being with a group that was spreading a message of love…it felt good. I feel encouraged.”

Rogers said the group was not planning to protest, but was going to hand out popsicle sticks and signs that said “Love trumps hate."

Jeremy Shaw, a black man with Rogers in the video, told Fusion that there were other African-Americans who were not allowed into the rally, even though they were not part of the activist group. However, white activists were allowed in.

“We had white comrades that they didn’t assume were with us, so they just walked past and walked inside,” Shaw stated.

"The state of America today makes me feel like we haven't gotten past the water hoses and the dogs; that's the America that Trump wants to make great again," Rogers told the Sun Sentinel.

Sources: Sun Sentinel, Fusion / Photo credit: Bob Smith/YouTube

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