Controversy Continues Around Wanda Sykes Anti-Limbaugh Jokes


Saturday's White House Correspondents' dinner was a typically humorous affair, but when it comes to comments made by comedian Wanda Sykes some aren't laughing.

In the course of her speech, Sykes -- a noted activist and comedian -- took particular aim at Rush Limbaugh, mocking him for his previous addiction to prescription drugs and deriding the radio host for his statement hoping President Obama fails.

"Rush Limbaugh said 'I hope the country fails.' I hope his kidneys fail, how about that?" said Sykes.

Many in the press and the public think that Sykes went too far, as pundits and journalists from across the political spectrum have lined up to criticize her. Even during the course of the speech Sykes seemed to know how controversial her jokes would become, at one point leaning over to President Obama and asking, "Too much?"


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