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Conservatives Want to Make Divorce Harder, Extend Government Power

The Christian conservative Family Research Council and the National Organization have been on the front lines in the opposition to gay marriage.

Now, both groups and socially conservative politicians are trying to make divorce harder for straight married couples.

According to The Washington Post, these small government advocates have voted to expand the power of government into the personal lives of adult couples.

More than a dozen states have introduced bills that required longer waiting periods for divorce, counseling courses for adults and have limited the number of reasons that people can file for divorce.

While this may seem like a fringe idea, Arizona, Louisiana and Utah have already passed tough divorce laws in hopes that fewer (unhappy) marriages will end.

This extension of government power into people's personal lives is supported by the Family Research Council, which often complains about "big government."

In 2013, the Family Research Council actually opposed universal preschool because of "big government."

However, Peter Sprigg, of the Family Research Council, wrote in a policy paper, "As the grantor of both marriage licenses and divorce decrees, the state has already established the right to regulate the disbursement of each."

Sprigg also claims kids fare better in an unhappy married home: "Children fare better in almost every measurable socio-economic indicator when raised in a non-violent home with two [even unhappy] parents, rather than being raised in a broken home."

Sources: Family Research Council and The Washington Post


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