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Conservatives: Conspiracies To Stop Trump’s Inauguration (Video)

Some conservatives are voicing conspiracy theories about plots to stop President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20 (video below).

The Oath Keepers, a group that boasts law enforcement members (past and present) and who say they uphold the Constitution, are running various conspiracy-laden headlines on their website: "Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day," and "Help Defend Free Speech from Violent Thugs at Inauguration."

The Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) "Hatewatch" YouTube channel posted an audio broadcast of InfoWars founder Alex Jones warning his followers on Jan. 13 of an "unprecedented move to disrupt the inauguration and actually try to sell the American people an overthrow of Trump." Jones went on to blame the "establishment and the globalists" for plotting a "coup with seven days left."

As part of his evidence, Jones cited Rosie O'Donnell, whom he called a "darling with the elites." She tweeted on Jan. 11: "I FULLY SUPPORT IMPOSING MARTIAL LAW - DELAYING THE INAUGURATION - UNTIL TRUMP IS "CLEARED" OF ALL CHARGES."

The SPLC also compiled some clips of other conspiracy theories.

Radio host Mark Levin warned his audience on Jan. 15 of a "coup of sorts" that is supposedly being attempted by the Democratic Party, proletarian media, academia and Hollywood. He also warned of an unidentified "absolute attempt to overturn the election" and to "politically decapitate the president-elect."

The SPLC also showed clips of Bikers For Trump, a group that plans to form a "wall of meat" at the inauguration to protect Trump and his supporters (if needed), according to founder Chris Cox's interview with Fox News on Jan. 14.

The SPLC included a message from Trump's Angels America that warned of protesters "encouraged by the Obama administration, and crooked [Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary Clinton, and we'll say the liberal loony Democrat types" who are going to be "inciting extreme violence during the protests" and possibly taking part in an "assassination plot."

The SPLC posted a clip of "Health Ranger" Mike Adams issuing a warning to his Internet audience on Jan. 10: "But what I am hearing overall is that there is indeed an actual planned coup attempt being planned for inauguration day, Jan. 20. And the cover story for this is that it is a peaceful protest, it's free speech protest, it's public protest, Women's March or a labor union march or whatever they come up with."

The Women's March is planned for Jan. 21, one day after the inauguration.

Alex Jones

Mark Kevin, Bikers For Trump, Trump's Angels America

Mike Adams

Sources: Oath Keepers, Fox News, Hatewatch/YouTube (2) (3), Rosie O'Donnell/Twitter / Photo credit: Duchamps comb/Wikimedia Commons

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