Conservatives Claim Pregnant Woman Faked Fainting at Obama Speech, Sarah Palin Attacks Her


Karmel Allison, who is a Type 1 diabetic and pregnant, nearly fainted during a speech by President Obama in the White House Rose Garden on Oct. 21.

An unidentified man, standing behind Allison, and President Obama held her up until she was helped away by officials.

Allison was at the speech because she had been routinely been denied health care coverage by insurance companies because of her Type 1 diabetes, but recently found she could get health care via California's Obamacare health insurance exchange website,

She wrote a blog post entitled, "What Obamacare Feels Like To A Diabetic," which was found by the American Diabetes Association. She ended up being invited to the White House for the speech, reported

Allison didn't drink much water before Obama's speech, which she thinks contributed to her feeling light-headed.

However, her fainting turned into a conspiracy theory on Alex Jones' website, which claimed that Allison may have faked the incident to make President Obama look good, noted writer Steve Watson wrote:

President has used the fainting woman spiel many times before to play crowds. But, this is not the first time this has happened… or the second time… or the third time… or the fourth time… It happens ALL THE TIME. He pretty much has a prepared speech that he repeats.

Of course, it doesn't happen "all the time" as Watson dramatically claimed, but it has happened a few times in the past five years.

Watson provided no proof of his claims, but the "birther" site claimed the near-fainting was "phony."

Fox News contributor Todd Starnes reported on WOAI radio that Allison may have faked the incident.

Former half term Alaska governor and self-proclaimed Christian Sarah Palin wrote how she found the diabetic mom-to-be's fainting "hilarious" on her Facebook page:

Whether accurate or not, for some reason I found this hilarious! Am I out of bounds for cracking up when I saw this take on a nauseated Obama fan, her absentminded pal, and our President's heroics this week? If so, penance paying I'll accept. 

On Fox News (video below), Eric Bolling asked "Are these prop people? Please don't tell me this was a staged event. He caught her? All those people around and he caught her?"

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