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Conservatives Cheer Wildly For Speaker Boehner's Resignation (Video)

Conservatives cheered wildly at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 25 when Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida announced that GOP House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio was resigning from Congress (video below).

"How can it be that we sent a Republican majority to Congress, and yet they’re still not able to stop our country from sliding in the wrong direction?” the GOP presidential candidate said. "And we’ll see how things progress. Just a few minutes ago, Speaker Boehner announced that he will be resigning.”

Christian voters cheered for 30 seconds, reports RawStory.

TV producer Charlotte Potts filmed the excitement from the front row, which she posted on the video-sharing service, Vine (video below), with the caption: "Wow. Intense reaction to John Boehner resigning from Congress."

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum appeared to take a dig at Boehner, without mentioning his name, during a speech at the same event (video below).

"We just had someone step down today who, in my opinion changed a bit, and it's probably time for him to have stepped down to start a new chapter here in Washington, D.C.," Santorum said.

Santorum also claimed that America was never "going to be blessed by God" if abortion remains legal, and added how America was "never going to be a great country if we allow for the destruction of the American family," notes RightwingWatch.

Boehner was reportedly pressured by conservatives in the Republican Party who want a government shutdown over women's health organization Planned Parenthood, which Boehner has sought to avoid, notes The New York Times.

Sources: RawStory, RightWingWatch,Charlotte Potts/Vine, The New York Times / Photo credit: Charlotte Potts/Vine Screenshot


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