Conservatives Attack Obama for Picking NCAA Final Four (Video)


President Barack Obama filled in his NCAA college basketball brackets on Wednesday, as he does every year.

According to Politico, Obama picked Arizona, Florida, Louisville and Michigan State to make it to the men’s Final Four, with Michigan State winning the NCAA championship.

However, Fox News attacked Obama for daring to take a few minutes to pick the Final Four while Russia occupies Crimea in Ukraine. reports that Fox News ran the graphic, "Obama Picks NCAA Bracket While Putin Declares Crimea As Part Of Russia."

"President Obama was picking brackets when Vladimir Putin was in Red Square being very, very Russian," co-host Eric Bolling grumbled yesterday on Fox News' "The Five."

Conservative host Rush Limbaugh parroted Fox News on his radio show (audio below).

"Well, here's a headline that says it all: 'Vladimir Putin Redraws Russian Borders; Obama Unveils Bracket Picks,'" growled Limbaugh, reports "Does that not say it all? Vladimir Putin is reassembling the Soviet Union, and while all that's going on, Obama is filling out his March Madness bracket picks."

Fox News' Sean Hannity, Steve Hayes and Charles Krauthammer also slammed Obama, as did the right-wing Weekly Standard, National Review and

Oddly, none of these conservatives attacked President George W. Bush when he went to numerous baseball games while president of the United States during the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"The right-wing Obama NCAA bracket freakout is more intense some years than others, but you can always bet that at some point, somewhere, some bored conservative or desperate Republican politician will complain about having a basketball fan as the Commander-in-Chief," wrote of the conservative hysteria.

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