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YouTube Star CJ Pearson Disavows Conservatism, Endorses Bernie Sanders

After promoting the campaigns of Republican presidential candidates like Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, 13-year-old YouTube star CJ Pearson announced his support for presidential candidate and Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont recently. Many supporters of Sanders have created the slogan "Feel The Bern."

Pearson publicized his support for Sanders on Dec. 8 and publicly disavowed conservatism. Pearson noted that Sanders has fought for the underdog for over 50 years.

Now, Pearson is in talks with Sanders campaign communications director Symone Sanders on how he can help promote Sanders' campaign.

"I am looking to become a surrogate for the campaign and communicate Bernie’s message to young people across the country,” Pearson told The Blaze.

“I wouldn’t be leading any organizing," he added. "Just communicating.”

The teen, known as a “conservative wunderkind,” first announced his rejection of conservatism in late November during an interview with The Blaze, just months after announcing his support for Paul and Cruz.

Pearson explained that while he is still fiscally conservative, he identifies as socially liberal – that is, except on the issue of abortion.

“I’ve simply decided to remove a label and listen to both sides,” Pearson said.

In a Dec. 9 tweet, Pearson added that Sanders understands systemic racism as a reality.

Sources: The Blaze, The Washington Times / Photo Credit: Facebook, Twitter via The Blaze

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