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Conservative Website Tries to Smear College Students Who Support Gay Marriage (Video)

The conservative web site, Campus Reform, interviewed some pro-gay marriage students on Wednesday outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., and asked them what they thought of people who support the Defense of Marriage ACT, which discriminates against gay marriage.

Not surprisingly, the students who support marriage equality did not agree with DOMA supporters (video below).

Based on an interview with one student, Campus Reform blared the headline: "Students ridicule DOMA supporters as ‘hideous’ and ‘disgusting’ outside Supreme Court."

Campus Reform again blared the same inaccuracy in a sub-headline: "WATCH: Students skewer DOMA, Prop 8 supporters as 'hideous' and 'disgusting.'"

According to Campus Reform, that one particular student did say: “I’m sorry but that’s hideous, it’s disgusting. I feel nothing for them at all. I don’t feel bad that they are upset because this is unbelievable" (video below). 

However, no other "students" called DOMA supporters "hideous" and "disgusting." Some were thoughtful and some were emotional, but Campus Reform appears to have tried to smear all of the pro-gay marriage students with their headline and sub-headline.

"They tried to create another generation of second-class citizens and we didn't let that happen," says a second student on the video. "It's just a fundamental misunderstanding between the conservatives and us, between what constitutes real love and legitimate love. They don't get it. They don't understand it. They don't want to."

“It’s not a meeting of the flat world society,” stated a third student. “It’s 2013.”

A fourth student added: "It's just love between two people and there's no way that some law, some policy, by some conservative who can never eliminate that."

“I would just tell them to sit in it, because we’re a lot more powerful than they are and if they bother to fight back, we’ll come back twice as strong,” said a fifth student. “Sit down, I’d tell them to sit down.”

"So we're out here on our honeymoon to say that we're like any other couple and we deserve the same rights as anyone else," said a lesbian student standing next to her partner.

"It's kind of irrelevant because marriage has been redefined over and over again. Originally, it was designed to bring two businesses together. You would sell off your daughter for a bunch of cows and pigs. And we redefined marriage to be more about love," correctly noted a sixth student.

“I think they’ll survive. I mean, people survived after Loving vs. Virginia and Brown vs. Board of Education, so I think they’ll get through it. So, they can relax," a seventh student added.

Campus Reform is part of the The Leadership Institute, which says on its website: "Training conservative activists, students, and leaders since 1979."

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