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Conservative Teen Benji Backer Complains About Liberal Teachers (Video)

Benji Backer, a 15-year-old conservative, told Fox News' Megyn Kelly today that he had experienced bullying from liberal high school teachers in Appleton, Wisconsin (video below).

Backer also wrote an article about being bullied for the Tea Party astro-turf group FreedomWorks.

According to, Backer claimed on Fox News that an English teacher argued with him about Mitt Romney and Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, whom Backer volunteered for.

Backer also recalled arguing with his teacher about the teacher's salary and even turned the teacher in to his school's principal.

“It’s scary to stand up to a teacher,” Backer said. “Because they can judge you and they’re ultimately in charge of your future.”

Backer, who has spoke about politics in the classroom, wants to “start a rule that says politics should be left out of the classroom and in that case, only in government classes should politics be talked about in a fair and balanced way.”

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