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Conservative Star Parker Falsely Claims Women Who Had Abortions Will be Banned from Owning Guns (Video)

Last night, conservative columnist Star Parker appeared on Fox News' 'Hannity' where she falsely claimed that a Democratic plan to expand gun background checks could ban women who have had an abortion from owning guns (video below), reports

Parker said she opposed background checks today because of racist Democrats from a  century ago: "And one of the ways is because they systematically, the Democrats in power, the Democrats in political power in the South, systematically passed gun control laws in black code so that blacks would not be able to exercise their right to bear arms.”

“Do you think that is the motive of some people now?” host Sean Hannity asked.

“Come on, these are same Democrats that gave us Obamacare,” Parker stated. “Let me tell you something about this background check discussion that we don’t get to ask about, how do we know what those qualifiers are going to be?”

“Because they’re saying if you’ve had any mental problem in your background, well, does that mean that their going to ask questions about abortion? Because people who have had abortion, according to studies, have a tendency to have mental challenges later on," stated Parker, who is vehemently against abortion.

However, the American Psychological Association in 2008 stated there was "no evidence that having a single abortion causes mental health problems."

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