Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Tells Men: Don’t Date Feminists

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Speaking at the Citadel college in South Carolina on Thursday, Conservative political icon Phyllis Schlafly advised men to stay away from feminists.

While giving a lecture entitled 'Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America,' the 87-year-old Schlafly said that “feminist is a bad word and everything they stand for is bad.”

According to The Post and Courier, Schlafly warned her audience against getting into a relationship with a feminist: “Find out if your girlfriend is a feminist before you get too far into it. Some of them are pretty. They don’t all look like Bella Abzug.”

Schlafly is most well known for founding The Eagle Forum and her opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, which would have affirmed the equal treatment of men and women under the law, had it been ratified by enough states.


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