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Conservative Group Raises Money Off Benghazi With Bizarre Claims

The terrorist attack in Benghazi has turned out to be a fundraising opportunity for some conservative political action groups, such as Stop Hillary PAC.

Mother Jones reports that Stop Hillary PAC recently sent out a fundraising email (pictured) that makes numerous bizarre claims and false statements.

The fundraising email accuses Clinton of a cover-up and "stonewalling" congressional investigations, none of which have found her responsible for the terrorist attack:

Make no mistake: this stonewalling has EVERYTHING to do with protecting Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming President in 2016. You could hear the desperation in Hillary's own voice when she shrilly yelled, "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!!!" at a fact-finding hearing.

Clearly, Hillary Clinton and those surrounding her think the deaths of 4 brave Americans makes no difference. Clinton simply cannot be troubled with anything that might stain the red carpet that has been rolled out for her Presidential run by the liberal elite and their accomplices in the media.

However, Clinton didn't say "what difference does it make" in regards to American lives, but rather in response to the endless GOP debate over the internal motivation of the terrorists who murdered four Americans.

The fundraising email then makes more false statements:

Remember, those that dared to uncover the truth about the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton affair and Clinton's lies under oath about it? The Clinton' methodically destroyed the careers and reputations of those that dared to lead the impeachment proceedings, including Congressman Bob Livingston, Bob Barr, Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, Helen Chenoweth, and Dan Burton.

However, in reality, Rep. Livingston resigned because an extramarital affair that was smoked out by Hustler magazine and Rep. Gingrich was forced out to resign his speakership by his own party.

Rep. Barr lost re-election in 2002 because of efforts by the Libertarian Party, which opposed his war on drugs, noted reported that Rep. Burton decided to retire in 2012, saying, "I don't want to get into it, it's about personal problems with family health."

Rep. Chenoweth promised not to serve more than three terms and retired in 2000, noted The New York Times.

Rep. Hyde chose to retire in 2006, reported the Associated Press.

Stop Hillary PAC asks its readers to sign the Stop Hillary PAC's "statement of support" for Rep. Trey Gowdy, who is heading a new Benghazi investigation, and send $50, $100, $250, $500 to Stop Hillary PAC in order to help Rep. Gowdy.

The email doesn't tell donors how Stop Hillary PAC will use financial donations to help Rep. Gowdy, who already has subpoena power.

Sources: Associated Press, The New York Times,,, Mother Jones


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