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Family-PAC Claims Illinois State Rep. Mike Smiddy has Accepted 'Homosexual Money' (Audio)

An automated phone call created by a conservative group, Family-PAC, is warning Illinois residents that Illinois State Rep. Mike Smiddy (D) has accepted “homosexual money” from “Chicago homosexuals” (audio below).

According to, the robocall features Family-PAC director Paul Caprio stating: “Your state representative, Mike Smiddy, has received $6500 from Chicago homosexuals promoting same-sex marriage, according to state records."

“Same-sex marriage denies children the right to know who their real parent is. Now Smiddy is threatening to vote in favor of the same-sex marriage bill. Who is Smiddy representing? The Chicago homosexuals or your family? Tell Smiddy to vote no on same-sex marriage and return the homosexual money immediately.”

Rep. Smiddy told that the robocall was “greatly offensive" and he planned to vote in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage despite receiving a few “bigoted” phone calls.

According to federal campaign finance filings, Family-PAC is funded in part by Richard Uihlein, CEO of packing material company Uline, investor Peter Huizenga, chairman of Huizenga Capital Management, and Bernard Bertsche, owner of hydraulics company Camcraft, based in Hanover Park, Illinois.

In February, the Illinois Senate passed legislation that would grant same-sex couples in the state all the marriage rights and protections currently only available to opposite-sex couples.

State Rep. Greg Harris (D) told the Windy City Times on Monday that the Illinois State House was “very” close to having the 60 votes needed to pass the bill. He also noted many residents of the state had complained about receiving robocalls.

“Our opponents are pulling out all the stops,” Harris said. “You can see it in the rhetoric, it’s getting very heated.”



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