Conservative Columnist George Will Compares Obamacare to Fugitive Slave Act, Segregation


Conservative columnist George Will compared Obamacare to segregation and the Fugitive Slave Act in an interview with NPR on Wednesday, noting that just because it’s a law doesn’t mean that it should continue to be one.

Will also criticized what he called the “untidy, utterly Democratic” process of changing laws.

When NPR’s Steve Inskeep asked Will what he thought about President Obama’s argument that Republicans are short-circuiting the system, rather than appealing the law, Will replied that Republicans are doing no such thing.

"How does this short-circuit the system?" Will said. "I hear Democrats say, 'The Affordable Care Act is the law,' as though we're supposed to genuflect at that sunburst of insight and move on.”

Will added that the Fugitive Slave Act had once been law, but that lots of things are the law until the American people decide to change them.

While he appears to support Republican efforts to dismantle Obamacare, Will noted that using the debt ceiling as leverage is “not novel”, and that it is unlikely to work.

“A tactic is supposed to have at least an articulable path to victory and success,” he said, “and I don't see it."

Will is not that first conservative to compare Obamacare to slavery. In early August, Rep. Bill O’Brien compared the act to the Fugitive Slave Act, noting that it is destructive to individual liberties.

Sources: TPM, The Huffington Post


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