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Conservative Bill Cunningham Verbally Assaults Tamara Holder on FOX News

FOX News loves drama, arguably more than it loves reporting the news.

When conservative commentator and lawyer Bill Cunningham appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to engage FOX News contributor Tamara Holder in a discussion about embattled US Attorney General Eric Holder, you didn’t have to wait long for the personal attacks to begin.

Cunningham beat her to the punch immediately. He started out by accusing her of suffering from "Beckel-itis" and repeatedly calling her a "stooge." He said, near the end, "You're a liberal stooge and an excuse monger for the Obama administration." Later, as Holder muttered, "Never mind," and looked down, Cunningham attacked, "What, are you going to cry?"

The fingers were flying in concert with some serious name calling. Cunningham, was ready to go from minute one and let Holder have it, at one point telling Holder to “know your role and shut your mouth.”

The verbal assault visibly overwhelmed Holder.

As NewsHounds aptly put it, “Sadly, the real loser is anyone looking for information out of this segment.”

While watching the segment, I forgot they were even discussing Eric Holder, which is just how FOX News likes it.

Sources: FOXNews, NewsHounds


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