Details Amount Of Pay Congress Has Earned Since Government Shutdown


The government shutdown is now in its second week and the amount of money paid to members of Congress continues to increase.

The website has a running tracker showing how much money has been earned by members of Congress during the government shutdown and the length of time of the government shutdown.

As of early Tuesday morning, the site indicated that members of Congress had earned more than $1.87 million dollars during the shutdown and the count keeps going up.

Under the 27th Amendment, no law changing the rate of compensation for members may take effect until after an election is held in the House of Representatives, according to the Huffington Post, which also reported that even though the salaries are constitutionally-protected, that hasn’t prevented lawmakers and their constituents from calling for a block on congressional paychecks until the shutdown is over.

Last week, Rep. Rick Nolan (D-Minn) introduced the “No Government — No Pay Act,” which would stop the pay until an agreement is met on how to fund the government.

A petition on also demands that “members of Congress NOT get paid during a self-inflicted government shutdown.” As of Tuesday morning, the petition was nearing its new goal of 400,000 signatures.

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