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Congress's Approval Rating Sits At A Dismal 19 Percent

The GOP-controlled Congress has been at work on Capitol Hill for the last five months. Despite some recent legislative achievements, its approval rating remains at a mere 19 percent, according to Gallup.

Congress has confirmed Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, both chambers passed a Medicare bill, and the Senate passed legislation that would limit Congress’s involvement in Iran. But the ease in gridlock hasn’t boosted public opinion. 

Gallup reported that Congress’s approval rating saw a 4 percent bump since early April. Notably, neither Republicans nor Democrats have rallied behind Congress -- just 21 percent of conservatives and 18 percent of liberals approve.

A recent study co-authored by University of British Columbia business professor Karl Aquino suggested Congress could boost its approval rating by changing its language to include more pro-social words.

"If members of Congress want to be viewed more positively by the public, it appears that the words they use matter,” Aquino said. "Our study suggests that the electorate is listening and reacts favourably when Congressional members use prosocial language.”

Words like “educate,” “tolerate” and “cooperate” predicated a bump in approval six months later.

Sources: Gallup, Science Daily / Image via Elliott P./Flickr


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