Congressional Candidate’s Youtube Video Shows Him Talking Politics On The Toilet (Video)


Alabama congressional candidate Erick Wright posted a video online called “Politics on the Throne” in which he discusses his political views while sitting on the toilet.

Wright is the Democratic challenger against Republican incumbent Martha Roby, U.S. Representative of Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District.

Wright claims he posted the video to Youtube to show he’s a “regular person.” He says he deleted the clip because he knew some voters could find it offensive, but it showed up again on a local blog.

In the two-minute clip, Wright talked about the “intrusion of government.”

“If you look at the restrictions we have on our day-to-day lives, [they're] coming from state and local government,” he said in the video. “The way you wear your pants. People are getting fined $100-$200. They’re even getting jail time just for the way they wear their pants.”

“What’s next?” he continued. “Are you going to tell a gay person that they can’t be gay? Or are you going to tell a person who dresses in drag that it’s not appropriate? You gonna fine them, too?”

“When will enough be enough?” he asked. “If you want to have abortion, what kind of intrusive things do you have to go through just to get an abortion, knowing that it’s your God-given right to do so as an American.”

“We should look to the federal government,” he concluded. “We shouldn’t look to the city and state because they’ve been the most intrusive thus far.”

Sources: WIBC, New York Daily News


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