Congress Has Worked Only 28 Days So Far In 2014


As Congress remains hard at work trying to reform the … wait, scratch that. Congress isn’t hard at work on anything.

Washington Post writer Ed O’Keefe recently decided to see how many days Congress has worked so far this year. He found that legislators have worked about as many days this year as you would expect to see from a part-time employee working a second job.

Congress has worked on just 28 of the 69 days in 2014. The House has met or voted on 22 days, and the Senate on 26.

As terrible as that is, it’s actually an improvement from this time last year, when the House and Senate had must just 19 and 18 times, respectively.

We’re only two and a half months into 2014, and Congress has already taken two week-long breaks. Another break is scheduled for next week. In the three months since Congress cut the unemployment benefits that so many families depend on, they will take three week-long vacations. Must be nice.

A “full” work week for legislators isn’t exactly overwhelming, either. They don’t meet until late Monday afternoon and are done for the week by around 3 p.m. on Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday are their only full work days.

Now might be a good time to contact your representatives and tell them how much you appreciate their tireless work on your behalf. 

Source: Washington Post


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