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Congratulations to NASA: 41 Years of Deceiving the World

The day was July 20, 1969: a day that the American finally managed to one-up the Soviets and a day that went into the history books as one of the greatest things science has ever accomplished. It was the day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the earth's moon, hundreds of thousands of miles away. 

Wait, did I just say set foot on the moon? Well, I, and about 20% of very-educated Americans (and this percentage is growing) know better. For those of us who have sat down, studied it time and time again, and come to independent conclusions, we all know the truth: Apollo remains, to this day, the single biggest lie ever perpetrated by any government agency. 

Whether you're talking about the Van Allen radiation belts, the weird shadow patterns on the images, the telling sped up footage of the astronauts walking and/or driving "on the moon," the cross-hairs in the photos, or a flag that's flapping in the wind, the inconsistencies stick out like a sore thumb. How anyone can ignore this stuff is beyond me. 

What's sad is 80% of Americans blindly believe what NASA (or any government agency) tells them. The percentage may be even greater, actually. When people actually try to speak the truth in the classroom or on the job, a termination of contract will soon follow. This is just an example of the New World Order we're dealing with as we enter the next decade. 

NASA, the joke is up, and it's time for you to come clean. You know the truth, and so do a growing number of us, so just give it up. 


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