Protesters Greet President Obama With Confederate Flags In Oklahoma City

Police say about 10 Confederate flag-waving protesters gathered to greet President Obama during his stop in Oklahoma City.

A “Southern Pride” rally took place in Durant, Oklahoma, on Wednesday just hours before Obama arrived at Tinker Air Force Base and spoke to a crowd, KOCO reported.

The President’s motorcade drove past the group of Confederate flag supporters who claim the flag’s meaning is misunderstood.

“We don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism,” Andrew Duncomb, an African American, told KFOR.

Duncomb calls himself the “Black Rebel.” He organized the event by creating the Facebook page “Stand by the Flag Rally.”

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“They’re blaming the racist problems on the flag and not on the real problems of America,” Duncomb said. “It's the people who carry and harbor the hate inside and not the flag.

“Look at these people, they all followed a black guy out here. I don’t believe that any of them is racist.”

While protesters climbed atop of their pickup trucks to wave the Confederate flag, there were others who came to support the President.

One woman confronted Duncomb and accused him of being “brainwashed.”

“I’m letting you know that this flag right here represents hatred,” she told Duncomb.

“Please do not be fooled and brainwashed by the misconceptions," she added. "That flag and the South was about slavery.”

The group plans on having more rallies in Oklahoma and Texas later this month.

Sources: KOCO, KFOR

Photo Credit: KOCO


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