Condi Rice Hits Back at Dick Cheney Over His Memoir


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice shot back at former Vice President Dick Cheney and his recently published memoir, ‘In My Time.’

In an interview with Reuters, Rice rejected Cheney's claim that she somehow misled President Bush about nuclear diplomacy with North Korea: "I kept the president fully and completely informed about every in and out of the negotiations with the North Koreans. You can talk about policy differences without suggesting that your colleague somehow misled the president. You know, I don't appreciate the attack on my integrity that that implies."

Rice also disputed a passage in Cheney's memoir, in which he says that she "tearfully admitted" that the Bush administration should not have apologized for a claim in Bush's 2003 State of the Union address on Iraq's efforts to supposedy obtain uranium, in Niger, for nuclear weapons.

"It certainly doesn't sound like me, now, does it?" Rice told Reuters. "I don't remember coming to the vice president tearfully about anything in the entire eight years that I knew him. I did say to him that he had been right about the press reaction to the administration's acknowledgment that the remarks about Iraq seeking uranium in Africa should not have been in Bush's speech.”

Asked if Cheney were trying to settle scores, Rice said, "I am not going to question the vice president's motives, because he is somebody with whom I had a good relationship and for whom I had, and still have, a great deal of respect. But I have to say that some of the things that he said about his colleagues are not in keeping with the high respect that I have always had for him. I think they do fall into the category of cheap shots."


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