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Company Sells 'Romney Condoms' for the 'Elite Penis'

Mitt Romney has often said that he would stimulate the economy if elected president, but it appears he is already achieving this goal as a GOP candidate. is selling condoms for  “anyone with an elite penis." The condom packaging features Romney’s likeness (possible copyright violation?) and the words “never settle” against a background of $100 bills.

The website says: “Despite Mitt’s Inability To Stick To A Position, Romney Condoms Are Great For ANY Position" and "Romney Condoms are tax free so even the poor can afford them."

Say It With a Condom founder Benjamin Sherman said his company would be sending a box of the condoms to the Romney campaign: "Everybody needs condoms and this is definitely a way he can definitely reach out and touch someone. Literally.”

“Seeing his crushing loss to Rick Santorum last night, we wanted to get out there and just remind people that they shouldn’t settle despite the fact that Romney is rich, handsome and smart.”

Sherman also noted that the prophylactics “can be used with more than one wife,” as some Mormons practice polygamy.


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