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Hillary Accused Of Looking 'Miserable' On Vacation (Photos)

Hillary Accused Of Looking 'Miserable' On Vacation (Photos) Promo Image

Former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are vacationing in the Hamptons, but some say Hillary doesn't seem to be enjoying it.

That's the opinion of at least one commenter who observed the paparazzi photos of the Clintons published by the Daily Mail.

"God she always looks miserable with that scowl face," the reader wrote. "How does he live with her??? Ughhh."

Another chimed in, declaring it "a long range pap photo of absolutely no interest" -- though seemingly, interesting enough to merit a comment.

The pictures reportedly show the couple visiting a friend's home in the Hamptons, a wealthy neighborhood on Long Island, New York.

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The Clintons and another couple are seen on the elevated back porch of a house, behind a wood railing.

Bill is seen in a pastel Hawaiian shirt, while Hillary is sporting a zig-zag turquoise dress and sunglasses.

In various shots, Bill is chatting with an unidentified cap-wearing man, while Hillary and a female who is assumed to be the man's wife are conversing nearby.

One image captured Bill with an expression of amazement, with his mouth agape, as Hillary looks on seriously, with hand on hip.

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In one shot, the entire party of four is seen sitting at the porch table, with Bill wearing his reading glasses and seeming to look in the photographer's direction, perhaps having spotted a telescopic lens protruding from some bushes in the distance.

While in the Hamptons, the Clintons are renting their usual house in Amagansett until Labor Day, at a rumored rate of $100,000, reports Page Six.

The house is owned by Republican art collector Andre Nasser and his wife, Lois, a real estate broker for Sothebys.

The Clintons have summered in the Hamptons for the past 16 years, according to

Their favorite restaurants there include Bon Jovi's Blue Parrott in East Hampton and Almond in Bridgehampton, owned by executive chef Jason Weiner, brother of disgraced politician Anthony Weiner.

It's also a good place to do some fundraising. A Clinton fundraiser at Jimmy Buffet's place in North Haven brought in $50,000 a head. Or, if the Clintons feel like practicing their backhand, the East Hampton Tennis Club is "always available" for them, says the club's managing partner, Scott Rubenstein.

When the Hamptons vacation is over, Hillary will reportedly waste no time before going on a book tour in support of her upcoming memoir, "What Happened," which details her experience during the 2016 presidential election, reports Rolling Stone.

"What you'll see will be her story -- Live. Her story of resilience, how to get back up after a loss, and how we can all look ahead," said her publisher, Simon & Schuster, in a statement. "Come join Hillary as she lets loose about her experience as a woman in politics, and other topics, in a way she never has before."

The tour begins on Sept. 18 at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Sources: Daily Mail,, Rolling Stone, Page Six / Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr / Embedded Images: Matt Agudo/ via Daily Mail

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