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'He Has A Much Better Record': Political Pundit Compares Dick Cheney And Hillary Clinton

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Bill Kristol, a political writer and commentator for The Weekly Standard, appeared on ABC’s "This Week" on Sunday (April 12) in a discussion on which Republicans are not running for the White House yet, but remain the better contenders. His answer? Dick Cheney.

“If they (Democrats) get to nominate Hillary Clinton, why don’t we get to nominate Dick Cheney? I mean, he has a much – he has a much better record,” Kristol said to the surprise of his fellow panelists, including Donna Brazile, former campaign manager to Al Gore’s failed 2000 presidential bid.

Kristol did not state specifics on what he meant by Cheney’s record, but members of the panel were already skeptical. Radio and talk show host Tavis Smiley replied, “God help us all.”

Voters from both parties may not agree with Kristol’s choice. In January 2009, when President George W. Bush and vice president Cheney were leaving office, a poll conducted by ABC News showed only 30 percent of Americans supported Cheney, MSNBC reported.

Despite the heavy criticism, Kristol continued to defend his decision. On Tuesday, the conservative commentator sat down for an interview with Newsmax TV where he was asked to explain his choice of Cheney.

Calling Cheney an “everyday American,” Kristol said that states such as Ohio and Iowa would vote for the former vice president due to the population of those states relating more to Cheney’s foreign policy views and work ethic than Hillary Clinton’s, Mediaite reported.

Kristol also made some other shocking predictions during his appearance on ABC.

Discussing how the Republican Party can win more voters from voting blocks, such as Latinos and women, Kristol said that “Hillary Clinton is the easiest candidate against whom to expand the base.”

"She (Clinton) will be challenged from the left in the Democratic primary and there will be a moment – she may not be defeated – but there will be a moment where she will not be the inevitable nominee I think,” Kristol added.

While Clinton remains the most popular Democrat to win the nomination, others in the Democratic Party have expressed a desire to run against her in a primary. These candidates include former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee and self-described "democractic-socialist" Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

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