Coming Home


American combat troops pulled out of Iraq in the dead of the night. Our troops crossed over into Kuwait under the cover of darkness. No fanfare. No welcome committee. No real reception. The convoy drove across the Kuwait border with the gates closing behind the last of the American Strikers. This was all without incident much to the relief of all the troops, as there have been several bombing attempts in the last 48 hours. The site where MSNBC was scheduled to broadcast from was bombed, although no one was injuried, just moments before they would have been reporting. Fortunately, the military commanders nixed the site 'just in case'.

The withdraw from Iraq is larger than the invading forces on D-Day. Fifty thousand troops will be left behind in an advisory capacity. All of the combat troops will be processing out in Kuwait and then heading home, to the US.

This pull out was decided long ago, the exact date was, however, chosen by the President. The date may be political but it couldn't have come at a better time. Many soliders have served up to 7 tours in the Middle East. Many are speculating that the timing had to do with the celebration of Ramadan. However, this departure has been in the works for quite some time.

According to many of the soldiers on the ground, they feel that the Iraqis are ready to pick up the batton and run with it, many of the Iraqis interviewed, are busy with their day to day lives, and are not concerned with what the American troops are doing, one way or the other.

The government is still on shaky ground, as many Iraqis have fled to surrounding countries. Things are unquestionably better than they were when the American troops arrived in 2003. Saddam is gone. Justice (somewhat) has been restored. We have not created a unified government, but that is not really the job of the military. Our military did accomplish their goals. Our government, however, not so much.

Let's all salute those who wear the American uniform....the soldiers are proud and we are proud of them!  Welcome home to America's best and bravest! Mission accomplished.


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