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Comedian W. Kamau Bell Slams Sen. Ted Cruz Over Trayvon Martin (Video)

During a recent Congressional hearing on "Stand Your Ground" laws, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) lectured Trayvon Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, on how the law supposedly helps black people.

"Trayvon was only simply going to the store to get snacks," testified Fulton on Tuesday. "Nothing more, nothing less."

"The person who shot and killed my son is walking the streets today, "she added. "And this law does not work."

On his talk show “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell,” the comedian/host stated, "Now the hearing should have just ended right there. There's nothing more that could be said after that, unless you're America's least favorite senator, Ted Cruz."

Bell then played a clip of Sen. Cruz telling Fulton what she already knew, that George Zimmerman had not used Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law as a defense (video below).

According to, Sen. Cruz did try to wrap his remarks in what appeared to be pseudo-sympathy.

“None of us in this hearing room were there that night,” stated Sen. Cruz. "We know that at the end of that confrontation, the teenager was dead.”

“It wasn’t ‘the teenager,’” said Bell. “His name was Trayvon Martin and you’re talking directly to his mother, so have some g------- respect, you blobfish-faced fool.”

"Ted Cruz, every time I see you on TV you’re doing something sh----," added Bell. "Could you please just go back to destroying democracy and leave Trayvon Martin’s family out of this?” reported that Bell went on an epic rant, calling Sen. Cruz a "robotic, ham-fisted, self-aggrandizing, grandstanding, insincere, opportunistic, slick, smarmy, unctuous, half-a-game-show-host Texas piece of s---.”

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