Comedian John Fugelsang Recalls Rep. Mark Sanford's Sordid Past (Video)

In an epic rant on Current TV tonight, comedian John Fugelsang attacked South Carolina's elected officials, past and present, including Strom Thurmond, Lindsey Graham, Joe Wilson, Jim DeMint, and Andre Bauer, but saved a devastating monologue for newly-elected Rep. Mark Sanford, reports RawStory.com.

“Nowhere are our values more evident than in the political resurrection of former governor and newly-elected congressman and deeply repentant Christian, Mark Sanford,” Fugelsang stated, “who South Carolina voters have returned to the House of Representatives where he previously served three terms, in a special election tonight.”

"Now, lots of politicians commit adultery, but only one voted to impeach Bill Clinton while he was in Congress, then became governor and abandoned his post to visit his Argentine girlfriend using taxpayer funds to subsidize the trip, while lying about his whereabouts to his staff, his wife and the entire state. Talk about a multi-tasker."

"And after he was charged with breaking 37 state ethics laws, was unanimously censored in lieu of being impeached, violated his court orders in child support agreement, publicly humiliated the mother of his children and trespassed into her home to watch the Super Bowl. yes this man brought sleaze to public life and remained faithful and true to it in the private sector too," said Fugelsang.

Fugelsang also recalled when Sanford was South Carolina governor, he turned down stimulus funds for the working class, but "spent public funds on family vacations and book signings."

Source: RawStory.com


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